Sublimation supplies and blanks

We sell DTF inks , Glue Powder and Film 33cm 13 inch, 40cm 16 inch and 60cm 24 inch sizes as well as head cleaner solution

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 Sublimations R US    Edmonton, Alberta
Supplies and Blanks, We ship Canada Wide

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We carry Mugs, Tumblers, Slates, Puzzles, Key Chains, MDF Products, Paper, Ink, DTF film, Ink, Glue Powder and so much more.

About Us

Sublimations R US, supplies and blanks

Sublimations R US (Tattered Rags Ltd.) Has been in business for 21 years. Expanding our business to selling sublimation supplies and blanks in the Edmonton area. We ship Canada wide.

Call us at 780-447-2008 or 780-455-5994 Email us at gengley@tatteredrags.com


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 Sublimations R US